Societal design is not advised to be used or made

Do not make this design, said most people.

I will express an observation as of recent. I am scientific and I have noticed 

that the anger and frustration of others cause conflict. 

To prevent conflict completely which seems impossible with interacting needs,

you could prevent this with cubes.

How you might ask, what would these cubes look like.

You'd have to have the preset of later technology.

You only begin with nothing in the cube and household items.

So you can design the cube or at least inside the cube

any way you'd like. So whatever furniture you like, 

what food you want contained in the cube the cube could

be very large, whichever size.

The cubes could connect anywhere at any time with speed.

There's only one way to open the door and you have to

open it.

You can send messages of safety warnings completely 

and quickly. 

You can choose whether you want to send or accept things.

Nothing you do or don't do will prevent you from you and 

your cube. 

Anything you make can be technologically disintegratable,

so if you don't want someone to have something of yours,

you can do that. You can choose for it not to be disintegratable

or disintegratable, depending on the preference of the 

person accepting it.