The kbap learn or learnkbap was originally designed for quick learner since then it has changed into custom learning 

the magnetized desk was to have preprogrammed placed items that are magnetized, and covered with said magnetism, more like a cover on any item one may choose. the desk then keeps everything in the order that you choose based on your preprogrammed preference. So if you only desire makeup on your desk then you have the magnetize covers over the makeup and sort based on time of day, preprogrammed with your phone if you choose. For at home use or away. Use for multiple uses and dimensions and movements. may not


the rolling electronic sulfate spraying forest fire deterrent


This technology interacts on blue tooth technology where the sticker is aware of the distance from the other sticker. When placed around the body one can determine the proper clothing that a person mind need. Whether for practical or sport use. One then can determine what material should be used to meet the demands of a person's movements. Compact and easy to use could connect with clothing websites. Can be used to determine proper measurements and when used over time, one's average weight fluctuation. 

Disclaimer: This product was created while determining the problem of virtual measurement. This was thought of alone by designes bb however if the person involved with mentioning the problem believes they had a partial aspect in this they may address this in negotiations. 


This was thought of while taking care of plants. The problem solved of too many plants with variant needs in July 2020. The sun tracking pads would be placed on the area planned to be used to create the form. They would rise at various heights and angle to find the most sun and heat. This technology could also be used for solar panels. Algorithm mapping of the clear form resembling a glass house would then be created. The form would would be made of breathable substance for the plants benefits. Airways would increase or decrease depending on temperature and air flow needs.  The shape could be made to enter, or collect rain. This is the description. More drawings to come to exemplify what these shapes may look like. 


This designe is for large forested areas to preserve the land and still have the benefits of obtaining solar and kinetic energy. The mesh fibers would collect the kinetic energy and the solar crystals would obtain the solar energy. These nets would then be attached to a power collecting source. Many series of nets would accumulate the energy, many collecting sources would attached to each other. Sourcing then to a main grid. created a few weeks after 2020


As soon as I noticed this competition I thought it was very endearing. Air waste is a large proponent to pollution. This designe may or may not work but I will explain in full detail. Trying to create something that is reduces something that heavily toxic is very difficult. To change the components of the atoms and neutrons etc would be more difficult. There isn't one solution to this because it is so far removed from it's original state of the former clean oxygen. In the first chamber you would need to have sticky walls. These walls would absorb most of the dirt. It would have to be self scraping and you may have to spray it to remove it eventually but this is a must. The next layer would have to be a semi permeable gel layer. So that air could go through but again most of the toxins would be absorbed. This would have to be removable over time it would be filled. I would say once a day. The gel wouldn't be that expensive and there would be an upper mechanism to fill it but again this is a must. The next chamber would be filled with microscopic microbes, that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This would have to be filled so that mostly air could only through. The next chamber the air would have to go through a special type of air filter. This air flow would be managed through hot and cold so it's a self moving current. So the temperature of some chambers would different than others. Moving the air to the final chamber. Sounds complicated and somewhat ridiculous but there's no quick fix to something such as this. 


A network restraining order is a concept created by JNS. However the app that would create the features is made by designes bb. The app involves tracking serious and non serious restraining orders involving networks. So if you identify with a person have interacted, with a person or have been in contact with a person they may be apart of your network. You can publicly identify with a network. Make a network name within the app etc. Some people that view someone regularly may also be considered part of your network. Networks can extend to culture, religion, interest groups. There will be a feature in which people have to schedule an hour in advance when they will be in a location if they have committed a serious aggression towards a person. If a person is dealing with many aggressions and they feel unsafe they can put their schedule in 3 hours in advance. This will counteract with the person who has made many offences and the person would have to find a different time or different space. You can set the space to cm, m, km difference depending on the severity and have your app automatically inform the police of a potential non emergency. This will interact with internet space, previous spaces or things of to be interacted with and potential interacting spaces. It will be illegal to petition for a person to be removed from all interacting networks. This is not the purpose of this. This is simply providing a safe space for people to interact with. This app will have nothing to do with racism or discrimination it will have to do with how people interact with others. Whether this interaction is safe or not. Sometimes safety is emotional, if it's purely emotional you cannot extend the distance setting to an unreasonable amount. Generally it will just be within certain distances. It would have to depend on statistics on how fast a security or police officer can arrive in time. 

A keyboard that has two aspects the imagery design and the loaded computer program. Make your own keyboard keys custom designed. For instance if you wanted to make a math keyboard. You would have all the symbols preprogrammed. More popular designs would be circulated like social media keyboards. Design keyboards, law keyboards, they would then be preprogrammed with images that you had set for the input.