All contracts will be posted on here with said designe, if you have not spoken with me directly and you see something on here then it is a hack. Please note if you have spoken with AZ before 2021/03/29 and you had spoken directly with him about a contract then you potentially still have a contract. However these types of contracts if they are not brought to me within a year are null in void. All contracts past this date of 2021/03/29 will be posted on here.

What is contained in a contract draft. A contract draft only outlines inputs and outputs to get a sense of what is involved in producing and selling the designe.


Blueprints: All rights to use the designe with safety guidelines and impacts accompanied with clear limitation of use and royalties.  One limitation of use, you come up with a different design addition of your own, this contract would include the royalties associated with that. A clear explanation on how to manufacture the item in question.

R&D: a suggested path of research and design may be included upon preference.

Outsourcing: Some outsourcing may occur due to gaps in the designe.

Outsource hiring: Staff to manage contracts with outsourcing and accounting.

Manufacturing: This happens either with different manufacturing plants with assembly or simply outsourcing with a contract of the manufacturing process this will be outlined as a suggested form of action. 


Pricing: Based on average purchaser, this may be to the government or a niche market until the manufacturing process has been made efficient. 

Eco Innovation Project for India

Creating a team of people to innovate for India.

Continuously innovating and creating designes to tackle problems.

If you would like to join please go to our Facebook page and message me and I will direct you to our communicator as I am not online during this time. You must either speak one of the languages or have a genuine interest in making India better. Not all of our designes will pertain to this project but this is our main focus during this time. The Canadian and US government can view and use our designes at their discretion only if they are authorized, not extended to all sectors. 

We are not posting extensive details at this time. We have to learn what people need first along with the fact this project is our intellectual property.

Thanks again and we will keep you updated.



The percentages and board have been made.


Currently we are accepting new board members and

this will be later on in the process. These are sit in seats

they are not attached to the investment side but more the

social side of the project.


In terms of investment we have made the financial percentages

and these are fixed but can be distributed in terms of monetary

wealth based on work and merit no more percentages are being made.

This has been almost of a year of negotiating. I am satisfied with these


Most of the project is still behind closed doors mode. Until we

have solidified our intellectual property and other aspects this shall

remain like this.

We will update you on anything new but this won't happen for a while.